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North Laurinburg Elementary Home of the Polar Bears! 

Dear Parents,

            On behalf of our wonderful POLAR BEAR faculty and staff, I welcome you to North Laurinburg School!

            We are very proud of the accomplishments of both our students and faculty.  We continue working hard to ensure that North Laurinburg School meets the needs of our students so they will be future ready students for the 21st century.

            Please continue to support your children by maintaining contact with their teachers, asking questions and attending parent conferences.  Let your children know you are working together with the school and teachers to help make their education the best it can be.

            This handbook has been prepared for our parents and children.  Please read and discuss the contents with your children.  It will give you much guidance in our day-to-day operations.

            Together we can make this school year a very happy place and successful on for your children.  Thank you for the opportunity of working with your children.


            North Laurinburg School

            Faculty and Staff





Classes will begin at 8:00 a.m.  Please do not drop off your children before 7:30 a.m.  No students will be allowed in the building prior to 7:30 a.m. because there is no adult supervision before that time.  Students should arrive between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.  We stop serving breakfast at 7:50 a.m. – exceptions are made for students on late buses.  Car riders should enter the front door at 7:30 a.m.  Students in K-5 grades will go directly to the cafeteria for breakfast.  Pre-K students will go directly to their classrooms.  Pre-K teachers will take their classes to breakfast from 8:00 a.m.-8:20 a.m.



If your child enters the building after 8:00 a.m., he/she is tardy.  Please accompany your child to the office to sign him/her in and give the reason for the tardiness.  Parents will ne called to sing-in their children.  Excessive tardies may require a referral and/or home visit from our Child and family Support Team.



            All parents and other visitors are to report to the office upon entering the building.  They will be issued a visitor’s badge to wear during their visit.



            Students who ride the bus will be dismissed at 2:25 p.m.  Students who are picked up by car will be dismissed at 2:30 p.m.  If your child is picked up by a day-care can or car, please let the driver know that he/she is to be here at 2:30 p.m.  We cannot be responsible for children after the regular school day ends.



            In order to cut down on missed instructional time, we will not call students out of class after 1:45 p.m. unless it is to attend a scheduled medical appointment.  You will need to bring in an appointment card in order for us to call your child out of class.

            If you must sign out your child before the end of the school day, please check with Ms. Gibson/Mrs. Currie and properly sign him/her out.  Only those people listed on the student information form will be allowed to sign out a student.  These procedures help us to ensure the safety of all children. 


            We encourage you to schedule your child’s doctor and dental appointments after school hours.  If this is not possible, you must come to the office first to check your child out. For your child’s safety, the teacher will not release a child to anyone without receiving a call from the office to bring the child to the office for pick-up.



            If there is a change in your child’s transportation, you must notify the office in advance and advise your child’s teacher.  Changes will not be made over the phone!  Written notification that includes a parent signature must be sent to school.  The note will be signed by a school administrator, copied and filed in the office.  A copy will be given to the child’s teacher.  This is done to ensure the safety of students.



            All children are expected to be in attendance each day unless they are ill or a family emergency arises.  Please remember that a written note explaining each absence is required within one week of absence.  There is a direct correlation between poor attendance and failure in school.  Excessive absences may result in retention.

            Valid conditions for excused absences include:

A.     Illness of the student

B.     Medical or dental appointment

C.     Death on the immediate family

D.     Quarantine by order of the Scotland County Health Department

E.      Court Summons



            Children will not be allowed to miss class to attend assemblies, programs, or field days of siblings.



It is REQUIRED that the school be given a copy of guardianship or custody documents in cases where a student does not live with both parents or lives with some other person.  The school has no authority to prevent a natural parent from having contact with a student without proper documentation.



During the first week of school, your child’s teacher will be sending home an information sheet for you to complete.  Having this information returned promptly and correctly is of the utmost importance.  A record of this information is kept in the school office in case you need to be contacted.  Please make sure all telephone numbers and addresses are accurate and clearly written.  Remember to put the name and telephone number of a person who can be contacted in case you cannot be reached.  Please notify the school if you change addresses or telephone numbers during the year.



Medicine, including aspirin and cough drops, cannot be administered by the school.  Students who need to take any kind of medication must have a medication form signed by the physician and parent before the medication can be brought to the school.  The medication and form must be given to our school nurse.  Please share any medical concerns with our school nurse immediately.




If your child is injured at school, we will make him/her comfortable and then call you immediately.  It is imperative that you provide current working numbers.  If you cannot be reached, we will attempt to contact the emergency number that you listed on the student information form. 



Communication is an essential part of the educational program.  We feel it is very important for parents to keep in close contact with their child’s teacher concerning his/her progress.  This year’s conference days are October 6 and March 8; both are ½ days for students.  Please take advantage of them.  If you need to meet with your child’s teacher at other times, please remember to schedule a conference-in advance-for before school.



No phone calls will be allowed to students or teachers during the instructional day.  If you need to speak to a teacher, we will be glad to give the teacher a message.  He/she will return your call during planning time or after the school day has ended.



If your child becomes seriously ill at school, we will contact you immediately.  If we cannot reach you, we will use the emergency contact information you have provided.  Please do not send your child to school if he/she is funning a fever or is throwing up.  Remember that we cannot keep seriously ill children at school.



Students are responsible for all textbooks and library books issued to them during the school year.  All lost or damaged books must be paid for.  All money collected is recorded by the school bookkeeper and receipted.  If a lost book is found, money paid will be refunded.



During the first week of school, lunch applications will be sent home.  Parents will have the opportunity to apply for free or reduced-priced meals by simply completing and returning the form.  Students may purchase lunch in the cafeteria or bring food from home.  Please do not send any food that needs to be heated as teachers do not have the time to heat student lunches and eat.  All money for meals will be handled by the cafeteria staff; therefore, it is necessary for your child to be responsible.  You may pay for breakfast or lunch by the day, week or month.  We cannot extend credit.



The way students dress should not distract from the learning environment.  Students are encouraged to dress comfortably and appropriately for school.  Shorts must be reasonable length – at least as long as a child’s outstretched fingertips held by their side.  We do not allow “sagging” so please do not buy clothing for your children that are far too large.  All boys must wear shirttails tucked in and belts are REQUIRED.  Belts must be fastened!  Although most tops for girls are shorter and made to be worn out, a girl wearing a long shirttail must tuck it in.  No clothing which reveals a child’s midriff is allowed.  Tank tops, spaghetti straps, and any type halter tops are not allowed.  Due to safety issues, “shoes with built-in skates” will not be allowed.  Plain white t-shirts and any “gang-related symbols” are not allowed on campus.  Tennis shoes are preferred on days that students attend P.E.





Hard bottom book-bags and book-bags with wheels are not allowed.



These are the five scheduled classroom parties that begin at 1:45 p.m.  The dates are:

            Halloween                    Monday, October 31

            Christmas                     Tuesday, December 20

            Valentine’s Day            Tuesday, February 14

            Easter                           Thursday, April 05

            End of Year                  Friday, June 8 (1/2 day)

In order to protect instructional time we cannot accommodate birthday parties.  You are welcome to bring cupcakes to be served during your child’s lunch.



The North Laurinburg PTO is an organization of parents and teachers who work together to improve school climate.  Efforts are made to increase the awareness of school needs and goals as they relate to student needs.  We encourage all parents to join PTO and participate in school activates and projects.  However, Scotland county Schools requires that anyone taking part in school activity have a criminal background check completed at least one week before the event.  You are encouraged to complete the form at the start of the school year so that we have it on file for you for any events during the year.  The service is free.  Volunteers are not allowed to ride an activity bus on field trips.



School insurance is available to all students.  A packet will be sent home.  Purchase of the insurance is entirely optional.



Report Cards will be issued to students at the close of each grading period.  Report cards will contain both academic and conduct grades.  Absences and tardies will be recorded on the report cards.



                                    7:30 a.m.                      Students may enter building

                                                                        Breakfast begins

                                    7:50 a.m.                      Breakfast ends

                                    8:00 a.m.                      Academic day begins

                                    2:30 p.m.                      Dismissal



All students must do their homework and turn it in to the teacher.  Most homework assignments will be given on Monday through Thursday nights.  Teachers have the right to set up their own homework policies regarding projects, make-up homework, research, and extra-credit assignments.  If parents have concerns about homework assignments, they should address them with the teacher or the principal.  It is important that concerns be addressed early so that the student does not feel uncomfortable with school.








It is necessary that children learn to develop self-discipline in order to further their learning.  We ask that you discuss with your children the importance of and need for good behavior and a good attitude while at school.  If your child does not abide by school and classroom rules, you will be called to help resolve the problem.  We will not tolerate disruption of class, fighting, disrespect towards others, obscene language or destruction of property.

Students who continue to break rules will be referred to the office and may be suspended or assigned lunch detention.  Students receiving Silent Lunch are not allowed to purchase snacks at lunch.



Information on the bullying policy can be found on the Scotland County schools web site, Principal’s office, the media center at the school and the Superintendent’s office at the AB Gibson Center.  Parents can make a request for a copy at anytime.



1.      Be courteous to the driver and other students.

2.      Refrain from using inappropriate language.

3.      Refrain from eating or drinking on the bus.

4.      Violence is prohibited.

5.      Remain in your seat at all times.

6.      Keep you hand and head inside the bus.

7.      Vandalism is prohibited.


Consequences (Level I and II violations will determine consequences.)


Level I Rule Violation

  • First Infraction – 5 Days Bus Suspension
  • Second Infraction – 15 Day Bus Suspension
  • Third Infraction – Bus Suspension for Remainder of Year


Level II Rule Violation

  • First Infraction – Conference/Warning/Notify Parents
  • Second Infraction – 3 Day Bus Suspension
  • Third Infraction – 5 Day Bus Suspension
  • Fourth Infraction – Bus Suspension for Remainder of Semester
  • Fifth Infraction – Bus Suspension for remainder of Year.  Subsequent referrals will result in a student losing bus privileges for the year.  Video cameras are on all buses.


Bus students being brought back to school due to discipline problems or no adult present at home to receive them, will be issued a bus referral.









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